Chef's Table

An exclusive experience in the Hall of Gastronomy.

Károly Gundel once said

I do not really see myself as a restaurateur selling food and drinks for money, but rather as a good host doing everything in his power to make his guests feel good.

Going along with this approach we would like to invite you to take a joint gastronomic journey in our elegant restaurant and legendary kitchen.

Gundel Chef’s Table

Date: 07. November 2017.from 6 PM till 10 PM

  • Welcome sparkling wine and sophisticated bits served at our Bar
  • Presentation of the Gundel’s rooms, spiced with some interesting fact regarding the house’s history
  • Cooking lesson in our banquet kitchen next to the á la minute Chef’s table, where Gábor Merczi executive chef presents six dishes based on his own creations. The apron and the drinks for the pleasurable pastime are ensured by the Venue
  • Dessert at the end of the programme in the main restaurant.

The price of the programme is 65 000 HUF/person

The price include VAT and Service charge, the Gundel apron and the Gundel Cook Book dedicated by Chef Merczi

Gundel Chef’s Table is avaiable for private events with your family or your collegaue in english language as well.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us by phone +36 (1) 889-8115 or via e-mail:

To practise the aquired knowledge every guest can cook at home from Mr. Merczi’s dedicated Cookbook. We hope all guests will leave with palatable experiences from our house.

Gábor Merczi Executive Chef

Gábor Merczi started his career in Hungary where he learned the basics of the profession. Later he continued abroad where he became acquainted with French and international cuisine. He developed into a top chef while working in the elegant restaurants of large cruise companies and luxury restaurants of hotels in London and Budapest. In 2010 he finally cast anchored at the Gundel House.


“To me the Gundel is not simply a place where I work; it is the past, the present and the future of Hungarian gastronomy. My dreams are being fulfilled here. This requires humility humbleness and commitment to traditional Hungarian cuisine and the Gundel. I am committed to using original Hungarian ingredients and preparing dishes featuring the traditional flavours of the Hungarian cuisine.” He looked up many old menus to find out who cooked what in the Gundel Restaurant in the past one hundred years, what earned the Gundel its outstanding reputation. He read everything he could find about Károly Gundel, the great gastronomic and catering genius. This helped him to familiarise himself and others too with the flavours of the past, giving our guests a really authentic Gundel experience. Gábor Merczi has been awarded a Maître Rôtisseur title by the international gastronomic association Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in 2011.