Catering in Gundel style

With its classic cuisine, culinary innovations, and extraordinary hospitality, the name Gundel has, over time, become synonymous with the highest level of gastronomy. Our decades-long passion for hospitality gave birth to our event concept, Gundel Catering, which offers food and drinks packages tailored to a specific event, as well as premium event planning and execution. Our chefs always dream up flavors to match the style and size of the event, and our banquet team ensures it runs smoothly. Our goal is common: We want our guests to have a memorable time and to enjoy the hospitality at your event.

Our exclusive event catering service is available in house or, if you like, order it to your home: Choose from the magnificent interiors and private rooms of our elegant building for your event in Budapest, or opt for an external venue with the help of Gundel Catering.

The event venues of the Gundel

Gundel Palace—spacious event venue in the heart of Budapest

Have your event at one of Budapest’s most exclusive venues, the Gundel Palace! With its striking elegance, Gundel’s rooms are suitable for private events, receptions, and grandiose gala and banquet events. Thanks to its central location, our City Park venue can easily be accessed by car and parking is available in the immediate vicinity.


Elegant ballroom in Budapest

With its 243 square meters of space, the versatile Queen Elisabeth Ballroom can host up to 220 people: Its rococo style makes it an elegant venue for small and grandiose press events, exhibitions, award ceremonies, and company events. The Andrássy Hall, which connects to the ballroom, is located on the first floor of the Gundel Palace and has direct access to the sunny upper terrace. The terrace is available as an outdoor venue from spring to autumn and can be a romantic option for an elegant wedding. Which arrangement are you thinking of: rows of chairs, round tables, or maybe theater- or cabaret-style?

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Stylish sectioned halls and meeting rooms

The spacious Queen Elisabeth Ballroom has several sectioned rooms on one floor: The Gundel Palace has seven elegant separate halls, which are suitable for Budapest receptions, sessions, meetings, and private discussions. The sectioned rooms, with their turn-of-the-century style, can be arranged in many ways, lending an elegant atmosphere to the small events held there. If you are thinking of an outdoor venue, your guests can enjoy Gundel’s vast and shady garden from early spring to late autumn, with services provided by Gundel Catering.

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Gundel Catering

Catering services in Budapest—the Gundel Restaurant

If you choose Gundel Palace as the venue for your event in Budapest, our chefs’ and experienced banquet team’s exclusive event catering services will make it truly unforgettable. Premium quality is our guarantee, with flavors tailored to the needs of your event. The range of our catering services is virtually infinite: whether it be for a creative coffee break, a multi-course menu, a buffet, or a reception, our event management team is happy to meet your needs. As for the food and drinks at your event, the menu is compiled with the help of our restaurant’s executive chef Zsolt Litauszki.

Coffee break | Multi-course menu | Buffet | Reception

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Other Services

Audiovisual technology in Gundel

Raise the standard of your event with our premium services. If you want to provide the most up-to-date technology at your event, you are in the best hands: Our partner is one of Budapest’s most renowned audiovisual service providers. Whether it be sound technology, light technology, or custom stage design, no event technology is impossible for them.

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Special decorations in Gundel

In Gundel you’ve found the ideal venue for your event, but would you like to enhance the overall look with some stylish decor? Instead of hurrying, let us make your event look more attractive based on your ideas, with special floral arrangements and decorations that fit the type of event.

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Take a look at the Gundel Palace’s Guaranteed Banquet Offers and the Gundel Palace’s Maximum Capacity Table.

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Gundel has always been and always will be!

Due to the current situation, from this day forward we will close temporarily.

During the 125-year history of the legendary Gundel, there have been several other occasions where the restaurant has had to close, for example, in 1944 during WWII, from 1972-1980 during a lengthy renovation, and from 1991-1992 during a complete rebuilding.

After a planned or required closure, Gundel has always returned stronger, reopening its gates, ready to face new challenges.

To protect the health of our guests and the safety of our colleagues we must close, and we hope that after a short transition period we can meet  once again!

The legend is forever. #thisisgundel