Weddings at Gundel Restaurant — the experience of a lifetime

Refined elegance, spiced with romance and attention to detail. This is how we would describe Gundel weddings, which we have been experts at planning for decades. We believe that every wedding is unique. It’s extremely important for us to tailor to the needs of the couple, paying attention to the smallest detail to simplify their lives’ most important day.

We are not only a wedding venue, but we also operate as a caterer and event organizer. Rely on our decades of experience: If you choose Gundel restaurant in City Park, all you have to do is enjoy your wedding’s every special moment. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Gundel — A romantic and elegant wedding location in City Park’s embrace

Gundel’s fairytale and mansion-like atmosphere recalls every bride’s childhood dream. Thanks to its location in City Park and its historic milieu, the Gundel palace is capable of holding both small and large-scale elegant weddings for up to 220 people. If you would like your big day to be stylish in every way, Gundel is the ideal choice for you. Our Queen Elisabeth Ballroom features crystal chandeliers, silverware, and many intricate details that ensure your lives’ most important day is permeated by classic elegance, whether it’s a winter or summer wedding. But if you would like to slip some modern elegance into the classic space, the sophisticated Zsolnay tableware can be replaced with a trendier and more current tableware, which our colleagues will be happy to help you with.

Do you dream about the perfect venue for an outdoor ceremony?

With its direct garden access, Gundel’s terrace also provides a location next to nature for your ceremony. In this way you can say your “I dos” under the shade of 100-year-old trees, and you can take care of your creative wedding photography, too. What’s more is you don’t have to worry if your wedding lasts until dawn. Loud music isn’t an obstacle, thanks to our proximity to City Park, so feel free to immerse yourselves in a carefree, joyful celebration.

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Take a look at our Gundel wedding brochureandthe Gundel Palace maximum capacity table.

Wedding catering — The flavor of your big day in Gundel style


Gundel gastronomy

 The world-famous Gundel restaurant’s mission since its opening has been to create something new and astounding all the while ensuring that traditional Hungarian gastronomy always plays a main role. This is how tradition meets innovation, spiced with a creative twist, presented in an elegant setting.


Executive Chef Zsolt Litauszki

Since 2018 Executive Chef Zsolt Litauszki has taken over the role of maintaining Gundel’s tradition while paying close attention to tastefully incorporating current trends in gastronomy. In addition to running Gundel’s kitchen, Litauszki also plays an important role in creating the flavor harmonies for weddings and events.

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For those who choose Gundel restaurant as a wedding venue, we want to provide an unforgettable experience in addition to a unique flavor experience. We make no compromises when it comes to premium quality, but we leave the flavor of your big day entirely up to the bridge and the groom. Whether it’s a classic wedding menu or a twenty-first-century flavor journey, in every case we work together with the couple to create the wedding’s food and drinks package.

Wedding menu offerings — with Executive Chef Zsolt Litauszki’s recommendations

 Would you like a traditional wedding menu made up entirely of premium ingredients? Or, maybe a modern dinner menu to dazzle your wedding guests? Take a look at our wedding menu offerings, including unique welcome bites and a midnight menu, all of which Executive Chef Zsolt Litauszki has composed for the perfect flavor experience. Our three-course dinner menu offer is available starting at HUF 9,900 per person.

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Our selection of beverage packages

A well-selected offering of drinks makes the wedding menu truly unique. Learn more about our wedding drink and wine selections, compiled by Gundel’s head sommelier, Kitti Koór. And if you would like to make the mood of your event even more exciting, you can choose to include a cocktail bar.

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A thousand shades of wedding cake

 One of the long-awaited for items on your big day is the wedding cake. Thanks to our confectioners’ sweet creativity, you can choose between traditional wedding cake flavors and shapes, as well as from among the most exciting trends in confectionery today. Entrust Gundel with creating your wedding cake, which can include the typical options as well as gluten-free, lactose-free, and many other options with the same great flavor you would expect. In flavor, we make no compromises.

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Recommended wedding services

The importance of a premium venue and quality hospitality is undeniable, but your wedding’s quality is largely influenced by the service team. Based on our many years of experience, we have brought together experienced wedding service providers, who, with their humility and professionalism, are a pleasure to work with. They have made many of Gundel’s wedding couples’ big days an experience of a lifetime.

Our range of recommended service providers includes prominent wedding organizers, ceremony directors, decorators, wedding photographers, and music providers.


Gundel has always been and always will be!

Due to the current situation, from this day forward we will close temporarily.

During the 125-year history of the legendary Gundel, there have been several other occasions where the restaurant has had to close, for example, in 1944 during WWII, from 1972-1980 during a lengthy renovation, and from 1991-1992 during a complete rebuilding.

After a planned or required closure, Gundel has always returned stronger, reopening its gates, ready to face new challenges.

To protect the health of our guests and the safety of our colleagues we must close, and we hope that after a short transition period we can meet  once again!

The legend is forever. #thisisgundel