Gundel Garden

Budapest's most charming oasis

Gundel Garden entrance gate, in spring time

Hamarosan nyílik a Gundel Kert, Budapest leghangulatosabb oázisa!

Here you can experience something that appeals to all your senses. We evoke the legendary atmosphere of Budapest's social life from the turn of the century, making it truly enjoyable with world-famous Hungarian flavours and magnificent drinks. Just relax, no need to be formal. Plenty of plants, special lighting, authentic decorations, life-sized animals, and a romantic "hideaway." 

is also famous for its hospitality. Our garden is family-friendly, welcoming to groups and animals, where everyone can chat, our musicians perform live, and life is beautiful. Our menu is based on centuries-old traditions and world-renowned heritage, aiming to provide our guests with the best experience. Choose from the selected dishes of "Nemzeti 11," also known as Gundel's culinary delights, and the exciting new spring-summer menu. Hungarian flavors, prepared authentically, for the enjoyment of life. Gundel Garden also offers a children's menu and a dog menu because the experience is for everyone.

Jó időben minden nap 11.30 órától 22.00 óráig, a Liget kapujában, a város szívében. A nappali étlapról 18.00 óráig, az vacsora étlapról 18.00 órától 21.00 óráig válogathat kedvére.