Hungary's most famous and only Hungaricum restaurant is must-see, the most famous and bucket-list place in Budapest and Hungarian gastronomy!

It is a rarity in the whole world to have such a rich and everlasting human story behind a brand. The story of Gundel is the story of the Hungarians, the birth of Hungarian gastronomy, the famous recipes kept alive, the success of the restaurant, its rich history, its famous guests, the authenticity of the most famous Hungarian restaurant. It is on these values that we continue to cherish the heritage of the Gundel restaurant, its tradition, and the preservation, continuation, and revival of the brand value of the human Károly Gundel, with innovations to meet the expectations of the people of today and to achieve maximum satisfaction.

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Gundel’s menu recalls flavours, memories and traditions.

Visit us and discover Hungary's most famous restaurant. Experience the legend yourself, in the birthplace of the iconic dishes of Hungarian gastronomy. Try the specialities of Hungarian cuisine in Gundel.

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