The Gundel is for EVERYONE! - Gundel Restaurant x Bergendy and Sons

Welcome to the short film by one of Hungary’s best-known and most successful filmmakers, Péter Bergendy, a mini story about how the Gundel experience can truly be for everyone, with traditionally good food, heartfelt hospitality and care.

Besides its emotional value, the short film also has an educational value.

Film director Péter Bergendy said: the short film, made in collaboration with Gundel, is a very human story, which not only gives an insight into the operation of this special restaurant with a long history and a capacity for constant innovation, but also shows a beautiful example of caring for each other, which is a value that is increasingly being lost in today’s world. That is why it is important to remind ourselves again and again of how mindfulness is a simple act and yet what everyday miracles it can produce.

Take a look behind the scenes!

We would like to show how the Gundel team, film director Péter Bergendy, his creative team and the helpers worked on this short film to bring the Gundel experience even closer to the people.

A little insight, a mini story about how, with heartfelt hospitality, care and by looking after a legendary heritage, Gundel can truly be for everyone.

This is how we learned sign language!

A film about the Gundel team and the people who help us. We’ll show you how we learned the basics of sign language to bring the Gundel experience closer to more people.

We believe that with this initiative we are one step closer to fulfilling our mission! “The Gundel is ours. We will conquer the hearts of everyone with it. That’s how Gundel will be for EVERYONE!”

Gundel Mission

Gundel is ours!
We will win the hearts of everyone.
That’s how Gundel will be for EVERYONE!
This is our mission, this is the mission of Gundel today!

Gundel is particularly proud to have an inclusive community that works day in, day out to make everyone feel welcome. This awareness has always been part of Gundel’s core values, and it also shapes the attitude of its current host team. While meeting the challenges of today’s world, we return to our roots with the same social awareness that characterised Károly Gundel. We want to be accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Gundel’s mission is also about being committed to social roles, listening to the underprivileged, to people with disabilities, and finding innovative new ways of doing things. In this spirit, we are now opening up to an even more accessible Gundel.

Attention and appreciation are important pillars of the iconic restaurant, where the hearing and visually impaired can now experience the real Gundel experience in a deeper way. The waiters learnt the 10 most important hospitality terms in Hungarian and international sign language.
To serve the visually impaired even better, a Braille menu with the history of the food is available.
In addition, accessible mobility is also a priority.

The current management of the restaurant wants to convey this spirit within the walls of the 130-year-old building

Gundel is for EVERYONE!" message.

Our partners, supporters, collaborators

Siketek és Nagyothallók Országos Szövetsége: SINOSZ
The Three Princes, Three Princesses
The National Institution for Blind People Budapest


MVGYOSZ – The Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted
Miss Spinner International
Symphonia Foundation
Péter-Pál Alapítvány – Szentendrei Keresztelő Szent János Plébánia
Foundation for the Development of the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital