Our staff

Károly Gundel made gastronomic history with his dishes, combining Hungarian cuisine with French. He left an indelible mark with his popular dishes, which are part of the repertoire of today's households. Gundel's values have been preserved, guarded and cared for.

The whole team at Gundel is committed to tradition, and the food served reflects the heritage of Károly Gundel and Hungary, traditional Hungarian dishes, the work of excellent professionals. We are proud to be a part of one of Budapest's must see places.

For further information, please contact us at info@gundel.hu.


Jenő Magyary

Group owner
Executive Director

Csaba Szabó

Group owner

András Wolf

Group owner
Corporate chef

Viktor Moldován

Executive Chef

János Kovács

Executive Sous Chef

Mártonné Györgyi Dudok

Pastry Chef

Mariann Pintér

Director of Marketing

Ádám László

Director of Purchasing

Restaurant Team

Event Organizer Team