Cold Appetizers

Mangalista Pork, Scallop

4.200 HUF

Venison Tartare, Date Mayonnaise

3.900 HUF

Trout, Almonds, Wild Cherry Tea

4.100 HUF

Goose Liver Duo

Cold-smoked Goose Liver, Goose Liver Pâté à la Gundel, Apple, Brioche

6.300 HUF

Goose Liver Trio

Cold-smoked Goose Liver, Goose Liver Pâté à la Gundel, Pan-fried Goose Liver, Apple, Brioche

8.900 HUF

Gundel’s Caviar

Royal Crown Osetra Malossol Caviar 30 gr

Served with: Blinis, Sour Cream, Egg-white, Egg-yolk, Lemon and Onions
Our recommendation: Taittinger Brut Reserve 0,375 l, 29.500 HUF

49.500 HUF


Butternut Squash Velouté

with Pumpkin Seed Crisps and Cold-pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil

2.900 HUF

Újházy Chicken Broth, Vegetables, Artisan Noodles

3.100 HUF

Fish Soup

Home-made Noodles

3.500 HUF

Goulash Soup

Pinched Egg-Noodles

3.100 HUF

Hot Appetizers

Perfect Egg, Spinach, Truffles

4.200 HUF

Squab Breast and Breaded Leg, Egg Barley, Paprika Sauce

4.900 HUF

Frog Legs, Mashed Potatoes, Fontina Cheese

4.900 HUF

Grilled Goose Liver, Porcini Mushroom Tagliatelle

7.900 HUF

Main Dishes

Carp Serbian “French Rack” Style, Potato Gratin, Letchó

6.700 HUF

Panfried Pike-perch, Crayfish Risotto, Prawn

8.100 HUF

Duck Breast, Butternut Squash, Apple, Crackling Dumplings

6.800 HUF

Venison Fillet, Pear, Elderberries, Semolina Strudel

9.400 HUF

Free-range Chicken in Two Acts:

1. Act - Parsley Chicken in a jar
2. Act - Chicken Stew, ’Spätzle’ Egg-Noodles

6.900 HUF

Mangalitsa Duo

Cheek, Fillet; Spicy Broccoli, Almonds

6.700 HUF

Tournedos Rossini

Noisette Potatoes, Creamy Savoy Cabbage

14.500 HUF


Noisette Potatoes, Creamy Savoy Cabbage

17.500 HUF


“Coconut Roll”

2.900 HUF

Chervil Variations, Quince

2.900 HUF

Somló Sponge Cake in Jar

2.900 HUF

Raspberry Mousse-Poppy Seed Slice

2.900 HUF

Gundel Pancake

2.900 HUF


Cheese Selection

3.500 HUF

To pair with your meal, you can choose from more than 100 wines and 400 drinks from our wine and beverage list. Our guests can always count on expert assistance in selecting the best wine to pair with a dish.

Wine and beverage list

Dear Guests, from our á la carte menu you can order until 11.30 PM. The half-portion meals are calculated with the 70 p.c. of the full price. All food and beverage are subject to a 12,5 p.c. service charge.


Gundel has always been and always will be!

Due to the current situation, from this day forward we will close temporarily.

During the 125-year history of the legendary Gundel, there have been several other occasions where the restaurant has had to close, for example, in 1944 during WWII, from 1972-1980 during a lengthy renovation, and from 1991-1992 during a complete rebuilding.

After a planned or required closure, Gundel has always returned stronger, reopening its gates, ready to face new challenges.

To protect the health of our guests and the safety of our colleagues we must close, and we hope that after a short transition period we can meet  once again!

The legend is forever. #thisisgundel