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Wiener schnitzel, from mangalica pork, roasted parsley potatoes and homemade pickles
7 350 Ft
 / 21 €

How is the dish prepared according to the Gundel recipe?

We use high quality Hungarian mangalica cutlet, lightly pounded, to prepare the traditional (flour, egg, breadcrumbs) breaded meat slices. Using a mixture of oil and clarified butter for flavour, we fry the meat in a wavy motion of the pan until red and crispy. The traditional garnish for a Wiener schnitzel is roasted parsley potatoes. Our homemade pickles is prepared in such a way that the ingredients also remain crispy.

How did the recipe become part of the tradition, part of the Gundel heritage?

Károly Gundel's father, who moved to Hungary from Bavaria, introduced the Viennese schnitzel, among other things, to Hungary. The Wiener Schnitzel is not a Gundel invention, but thanks to him that it has become part of the Hungarian public consciousness. Today, it is hard to imagine a Sunday or festive meal without a breadcrumbed meat slice.

Why was it selected for the National 11, considered the essence of Hungarian flavours?

The real Wiener Schnitzel is made from veal, but we Hungarians prefer the pork loin version. It's made in every family, but few people know the secret of the tender meat and crunchy breadcrumbs. It all depends on the right heat and the right amount of fat

Many people don't know the difference between a Wiener schnitzel and the everyday breadcrumbed slice? In essence, a Wiener schnitzel is a kind of fried meat, but the preparation is much more specialised. Traditional schnitzel, on the other hand, can be made from pork, turkey or chicken, and is typically not pounded. Instead of breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs may be replaced by panko crumbs, corn flakes, seeds and spices.

Pork meat

Wine offer:

 - Somló wine region
Fehérvári Birtok - Grand Reserve 2021
17 500 Ft
 / 50 €
 / Dry
 - Szekszárd wine region
Merfelsz Winery - Sweetem 2019, 0,5 l, Semi-sweet / sweet
12 250 Ft
 / 35 €
2 450 Ft / 7 EUR
Cabernet Franc-Nero
még több
Wiener schnitzel, from mangalica pork, roasted parsley potatoes and homemade pickles
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