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Goose liver pate marinated with Tokaji Aszú and poppy seed barches
5 600 Ft
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How is the dish prepared according to the Gundel recipe?

The fattened foie gras, cut into large cubes, is soaked in Tokaj marinade. Cook on a low heat to keep it creamy. Sprinkle pistachio duck fat praline on top. The flavours of the pâté are accentuated by the cream made from golden raisins soaked in Tokaji aszú and raisin seeds. Served with a mini Jewish loaf, barhesh, sprinkled with poppy seeds.

How did the recipe become part of the tradition, part of the Gundel heritage?

One of the most special ingredients of Hungarian cuisine is fattened foie gras, which was only served to families on special occasions. But Gundel has always been famous for its foie gras dishes. The idea of Tokaj foie gras pâté, marinated in sweet wine, was born here. Kálmán Kalla, who was Gundel's chef for 15 years, has compiled 39 great recipes in his book Gundel – The Great Foie Gras Cookbook.

Why was it selected for the National 11, considered the essence of Hungarian flavours?

Tokaj aszú is a special product of nature, internationally recognised as a Hungaricum. The development of the aszú requires a rapid alternation of humid and dry periods, which only a few geographical areas in the world are suitable for, only Tokaj in Hungary.

Why are Tokaji aszú and foie gras pâté a good pairing? The botrytis sweetness and flavour of aszú is as unmistakable among wines as foie gras is among ingredients. The two together create an unforgettable harmony of flavours.

Goose liver pate marinated with Tokaji Aszú and poppy seed barches
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