Gundel’s famous culinary heritage:

„Gundel National 11”

We believe in and promote the founding idea of Károly Gundel, under the auspices of which we offer our dishes, the most famous Gundel classics, with legendary hospitality!

In the restaurant, we show visitors from other countries and cultures what we Hungarians like, what we eat, what we consider to be the basis of Hungarian cuisine. At the heart of our menu, in addition to the 11 iconic Gundel dishes of the National, many other unmissable dishes are also included in this prestigious selection, the perfection of which is the responsibility of chefs Viktor Moldovan and András Wolf. Guests come from all over the world to taste the famous Hungarian flavours. These include Goulash soup, Paprika chicken, with “nokedli”, "Somlói" and the world-famous Gundel pancake.

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Goose liver pate marinated with Tokaji Aszú and poppy seed barches
Goulash soup with homemade noodles
“Újházi” chicken soup with homemade noodles
“Palóc” soup with lamb
"Kárpáti" pike perch fillet with mushrooms in butter sauce
Paprika chicken, “nokedli” with cucumber salad and sour cream
Bakony style filet of beef with a smoky taste of cottage cheese pasta
Wiener schnitzel, from mangalica pork, roasted parsley potatoes and homemade pickles
The original Gundel pancake
Award-winning cake from the 1958 Brussels World’s Exhibition
Rákóczi cottage cheesecake with sour cream ice cream