A warm welcome to you!
This is the new Gundel.


Károly Gundel’s dream has come true once again and Gundel is now within everyone’s reach.

A visit to Gundel’s is no longer an unaffordable luxury; we are looking forward to welcoming you for a coffee and cake, a romantic rendezvous, a business lunch or a family dinner.

Gundel experience in the world of Hungarian gastronomy

Sharing pleasure has never been so simple and beautiful!
Eating together and spending time together is one of the biggest surprises that can make your loved ones happy.
Give your loved ones the gift of a few pleasant hours to experience the bourgeois atmosphere of the Gundel restaurant, the flavours of authentic Hungarian gastronomy, the cosy dining and the excellent hospitality. Delight your loved ones and colleagues with a voucher for a lump-sum gift.
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Gundel’s famous culinary heritage:
The "Gundel National 11"

We serve up legendary flavours, made with outstanding ingredients and careful attention to detail. If you want to relish the tastes of Hungary, the team is already on the pitch: the "Gundel National 11".

Gundel for everyone

Károly Gundel was open to new ideas and was committed to taking Hungarian gastronomy to new heights and making it accessible to everyone. Just as the doors of the Gundel were open to everyone for many decades, the refurbished Gundel is proud to follow this tradition.

Gundel is famous for so much, but did you know that

In the heyday of Gundel, in the first half of the 20th century, it was not a luxury restaurant, but a high-traffic bourgeois restaurant with more than a thousand seats? That's why the renewed Gundel is just as accessible to everyone, and everyone is welcome every day from 11:00 am to close, just as in the old days of happy peace...

There are many iconic Hungarian dishes associated with the name of Gundel that we only call National 11 on the menu? Gulyás soup, Palóc soup, Újházy chicken soup, Paprikás chicken, Fogas Kárpáti, Somlói dumplings and Gundel Pancakes were also included in this selection. They are all Gundel legacies ...

The Gundel's own string orchestra and bar pianists will provide the restaurant's famous atmosphere throughout the day. With this, we want to commemorate the first gypsy primate of Hungary, Panna Czinka, who established in the 1700s the 4-member basic gypsy orchestra formation that still operates today.

Hundreds of world-famous guests have visited the Gundel? We also dedicated a table to for some of them, so you can take a seat at the table of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Robert Redford, Flórián Albert, Zoltán Latinovits , Sylvester Stallone, Beatrix Queen of the Netherlands, Angelina Jolie or Madonna or even at the table of Károly Gundel himself...

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Open for the world and open for you.

Enjoy the real Hungary, just as Károly Gundel dreamt 130 years ago, at one of Budapest’s best known, historical restaurants and cafes.

Heritage on a plate.

“I don’t feel like a restaurant owner selling food and drink for money, but rather like a hospitable Hungarian host whose house has been honoured by his guests’ visit.” Károly Gundel

Gundel is a place...
...where legends are born and where legends visit. Arnold Schwarzenegger has visited many times, Queen Elizabeth was delighted by the original Somlói sponge cake, while Angelina Jolie swears by the "Kárpáti" pike-perch filled.

Gundel is a space...
... where you can work in a pleasant environment, organise business meetings, close to the city centre, but away from the noise, at the gateway to the City Park...

Gundel is an environment...
...where familiar tunes are played by a live musicians all day long, where time flies with your loved ones and heavenly dishes.

Gundel is both a restaurant and a cafe...
... where the heights of hospitality, culinary arts and tradition meet. Exactly as Károly Gundel dreamed they would, way back then.

Gundel - a new beginning


Gundel 2021 renovation and reopening