The name Gundel...

…could rightly stand for the history of modern Hungarian gastronomy and hospitality. Discover the country by its unique taste of food invented by a Bavarian born genius Károly Gundel who tamed the Hungarian cuisine. Gundel is the restaurant where you can find traditional dishes based on original recipes, served in an exceptional ambiance.

Lunch offers

To enchant our guests at lunch, our weekly menus are created from dishes which represent both the modern gastronomy and the traditional Hungarian cuisine. Our lunch menus are crowned with one glass of wine from our selection.

Christmas at Gundel

Gundel Restaurant became a symbol of quality, elegance and unique cuisine during the past 120 years. Creating the traditional and unique Gundel experience we offer a colorful event. We decorate the premises, compose the menu and arrange a special atmosphere.

New Year's Eve

Ring in 2018 with a six-course menu created by our talented Chef Gabor Merczi! Celebrate with your family, friends or your colleague at the Gundel Palace and after a dinner accompanied by champagne, we invited to dance in the restaurant till dawn.