Welcome to the 130-year-old Gundel!

Károly Gundel’s dream has come true once again and Gundel is now within everyone’s reach.

A visit to Gundel’s is no longer an unaffordable luxury; we are looking forward to welcoming you for a coffee and cake, a romantic rendezvous, a business lunch or a family dinner.

The Gundel restaurant evokes the legendary traditions of Hungarian cuisine and offers every guest the opportunity to be part of this gastronomic journey.

Gundel is for EVERYONE!

We are open to the world and open to everyone!

It is a legendary heritage that we want to share with everyone.

This is our mission, this is the mission of Gundel today. While meeting the challenges of today's world, we return to our roots with the same social awareness that characterised Károly Gundel.

We want to be accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Enjoy real Hungarian flavours, as envisioned by Károly Gundel, in Budapest's most famous historic restaurant!

Gundel arany épület rajz





Gundel experience in the world of Hungarian gastronomy

Eating together and spending time together is one of the biggest surprises that can make your loved ones happy.

Give your loved ones the gift of a few pleasant hours to experience the bourgeois atmosphere of the Gundel restaurant, the flavours of authentic Hungarian gastronomy, the cosy dining and the excellent hospitality.

Delight your loved ones and colleagues with a voucher for a lump-sum gift.

For details, please contact our colleagues at the details below: +36 30 603 2480 or info@gundel.hu

Gundel is happy to help make gift giving a real experience.

Our prices include VAT.

Gundel gift voucher with Gundel logo

Gundel’s famous culinary heritage:

The "Gundel National 11"

We serve up legendary flavours, made with outstanding ingredients and careful attention to detail. If you want to relish the tastes of Hungary, the team is already on the pitch: the "Gundel National 11".

The restaurant is a faithful guardian of Hungarian cuisine, where the essence of Hungarian gastronomy is brought to life in the National 11 selection.

The heritage of the Gundel recipe has preserved more than 140 Hungarian delicacies, all of them dishes that have become part of our culture and, at the same time, represent the whole world.

Gundel, the most famous Hungarian restaurant

Everything in Gundel is about heritage, which includes the restaurant, the cradle of Hungarian gastronomy. Hungary's most famous and only Hungarikum restaurant is unmissable, the most famous place in Budapest and the most famous Hungarian gastronomy.
The restaurant is famous for its excellent hospitality and Hungarian gastronomy. It is located in the most visited destination of Budapest, near Heroes' Square, in a 19th century palace building at the gateway to the City Park. The upstairs part of the palace building is a venue for high quality events, including balls, weddings, corporate and private events, conferences and training courses.

Gundel Garden - Budapest's most charming oasis!

Both the interior and the garden area have been restored to their former glory, paying tribute to the golden age of Gundel, while at the same time offering the opportunity to be open to the widest possible range of guests at any time of day, for any occasion. Gundel's garden is famous for its oasis-like green plants that surround the guest space, with atmospheric evening lights, a great way to spend time in season.