Gundel’s famous culinary heritage:

The "Gundel National 11"

We serve up legendary flavours, made with outstanding ingredients and careful attention to detail. If you want to relish the tastes of Hungary, the team is already on the pitch: the "Gundel National 11".


The original Gundel pancakes

"Somló dumplings"

Award-winning cake at the 1958 Brussels World's Fair


Red wine flavoured marbled goose liver pâté
with home made apricot jam and Tokaj
wine marinated golden raisins


Carpathian tenderloin, with mushrooms and crab, in butter sauce


Goulash soup with a pinch of homemade


Palóc soup with lamb and potato dumplings


Chicken soup with homemade noodles


Mangalica ribs Óvári style with parsley rice and
tomato flavored meat sauce


Creamy cottage cheese "csusza" (Hungarian type of pasta)
with smoked taste of cracking

"Pepper flavored"

Pepper flavored chicken with noodles
and cucumber salad with sour cream


Pan fried "Debrecen" sausage with potatoes sauté
and flavored mustard