Our History

The name GUNDEL could rightly stand for the history of modern Hungarian gastronomy and hospitality. Károly Gundel refined the Hungarian cuisine and created delicious dishes of his own taste. His pioneering work placed Hungary on the world map of gastronomy. The New York Times wrote that the Gundel Restaurant did more for Hungary’s reputation than a shipload of tourist brochures.

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The Team

These days 140 skilled people work at the banquet events and in the restaurant of the Gundel. They are committed to serve you to your utmost contentment in line with the principles of the late Károly Gundel. Their dedication resulted in a number of revisiting guests and the reputation of the Gundel House is continuously increasing for more than a century, all over the world.
Executive Chef Zsolt Litauszki tunes the menu finely with the best care that is completed by his skilful sous-chefs and kitchen staff. The Hungarian Award-winning Sommelier Mihály Fabók pairs the best wines from Hungary and from other countries with each fabulous meal.

Mihály Fabók Head Sommelier

Mihály Fabók is inspired by the inseparable and complementary elements of wine and gastronomy. By constantly improving his professional skills and knowledge he greatly contributes to the quality and elegance of the Gundel Restaurant.


Mihály Fabók obtained his professional skills and experiences abroad before he arrived to the Gundel House. He travelled along many exciting places from Berlin to Tokyo, working on Scandinavian ferries and American luxury cruisers.
He had been to almost all important wine-growing regions in the world to learn as much as possible about viniculture and gastronomy.
Supported by his mentor, Kálmán Kozma, the President of the Hungarian Sommelier Association, Mihály Fabók became a truly excellent professional in the Gundel Restaurant. By winning the sommelier championship in three consecutive years he became a life-long sommelier champion.
He represents Hungary and the Hungarian sommelier community in European and world championships. He is also a certified sommelier of the International Sommelier Guild and a member of the Hungarian Sommelier Association.

Gyula Horváth Leader of the Gundel Orchestra

Gyula Horváth has been leading the Gundel band since October 2010, providing top quality entertainment in the Gundel restaurant every night with music from films, musicals and the evergreen Hungarian Gypsy tradition.


Born to a musician family, Gyula Horváth has been playing violin since he was six years old. He has been performing on stage in Hungary and abroad since the age of 16. He has had the opportunity to present Hungarian music in many places around the world, such as the Sydney Opera House, La Scala Opera House in Milan, in several US states, at the Hungarian Season Festival in the UK, the Shanghai Festival in China, and several festivals in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. He has already enchanted the audience on the stages of more than 28 countries. He has 12 solo CDs and more than 50 records featuring his violin music.
His virtuoso performance has been admired by Pope John Paul II, Helmut Kohl, Harrison Ford, Yehudi Menuhin, Chick Corea and great many other international celebrities. In 2004 he won the International String Duel, the “World Championship of Violinists”.

Our famous guests

Many famous guests come to the Gundel restaurant. They include several Presidents and Prime Ministers of Hungary, prominent politicians, scientists, artists, writers and Olympic champions, as well as some of the most famous people of our world, including Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Pope John Paul II.The acclaimed actor, Zoltán Latinovits, who is also referred to as the Actor King, was born on the first floor of the Gundel House as the grandson of Károly Gundel.

Photo gallery

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Event rooms

At the times when the Gundels operated the Restaurant, the family used to live on the first-floor of the building. The smaller banquet rooms quote the memory of their home and the spirit of the 20thcentury.Our two fancy ballrooms and seven smaller banquet rooms are splendid venues for business breakfasts, intimate family get-togethers, lavish weddings, gala dinners and many other events. From spring to fall our guests can enjoy the atmosphere of our enchanting garden, too. A wide range of audio/visual equipment is available at your request.


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