Events, interesting things from the world of Gundel

2020 04/08

Gift certification

Time spent together is one of the greatest surprises with which you can delight your loved ones. Give the gift of a few relaxing hours: Gundel’s unique atmosphere can make any weekday feel like a holiday. Give the gift of a Gundel gift certificate, so that others can enjoy the Gundel experience, which guarantees a […]

2020 04/03

Visit of Pope John Paul II

The event itself didn’t take place in Gundel, but in the abbey of Pannonhalma, but we prepared and served the courses for his holiness. We hosted the Pope on 6 September, 1996 for the millenial of the founding of the abbey. The now legendary Kálmán Kalla kept discussing the menu for months with journalist and […]

2020 02/28

Queen Elizabeth II’s Visit

Queen Elizabeth II’s Visit The story of a memorable visit For the first time, in a thousand years, has an English monarch visited Hungary. Queen Elizabeth II. personally paid a visit to the new Gundel at its beginning. Upon receiving Her Majesty, Gundel prepared with special care, the evening before the pre- planned Gundel lunch, […]

2020 02/03

Valentine’s Day in City Park

Valentine’s Day Dinner in City Park Gundel & Love Are you in the mood for romance? Do you and your partner crave some quality time away from vibrating smartphones and glaring screens to focus solely on each other? Would you like to enjoy some of the most-exciting courses in Hungarian gastronomy presented with thoughtful, refined […]

2020 01/28

The Classic Gundel Pancake

The famous Gundel pancake is known in most parts of the world and it certainly is a feature of many restaurant menus in Hungary. The secret of how to make the perfect Gundel pancake, however, is only available at Gundel Restaurant where it is still prepared according to the original recipe. The devil is always in the details.

2020 01/03

Gundel Catering Service

Catering in Gundel style What is Catering? With its classic cuisine, culinary innovations, and extraordinary hospitality, the name Gundel has, over time, become synonymous with the highest level of gastronomy. Our decades-long passion for hospitality gave birth to our event concept, Gundel Catering, which offers food and drinks packages tailored to a specific event, as […]

2019 12/02

New Year’s Eve at Gundel

New Year’s Eve at Gundel An intimate dinner? Or an elegant ball? Gundel offers two options. For a true sit-down culinary experience this New Year’s Eve, choose Gundel’s main dining room, where we offer an 8-course menu with solid background music. For something more lively to welcome the new year, choose the ballroom, where culinary […]


Gundel has always been and always will be!

Due to the current situation, from this day forward we will close temporarily.

During the 125-year history of the legendary Gundel, there have been several other occasions where the restaurant has had to close, for example, in 1944 during WWII, from 1972-1980 during a lengthy renovation, and from 1991-1992 during a complete rebuilding.

After a planned or required closure, Gundel has always returned stronger, reopening its gates, ready to face new challenges.

To protect the health of our guests and the safety of our colleagues we must close, and we hope that after a short transition period we can meet  once again!

The legend is forever. #thisisgundel